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Busch Organics is a family run Australian Certified Organic farm on the Mitchell River Flats at Hillside, 13km west of Bairnsdale. Our produce includes a variety of seasonal vegetables and lucerne. At Busch Organics we believe in sustainable farming practices and offering the highest level of quality.



The Busch family farm began in 1921 on the beautiful fertile soils of the Lindenow flats, East Gippsland. The founder, Eiler Busch, was a Danish immigrant who arrived in Australia in 1913 with 11 gold sovereigns.

He established his farm, home and family here and it continues today with his grandson, Chris and his great-grandchildren Kane and Matthew.

Eiler considered the health of the soil as the most important criteria of success and that philosophy has continued. Today Busch Organics encompasses over 300 acres of certified organic  farmland. We supply quality vegetables throughout Australia along with export to Asian markets. Lucerne as hay or silage is supplied to the beef and dairy industries.